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AITRONIK is an Italian innovative start-up company that helps companies integrate Artificial Intelligence systems into Mechatronic devices. We are located in Pisa, the Italian cradle of Robotics.

Have you ever experienced the frustration to get great amount of data produced by sensors on board your mechatronic systems, without really knowing how to deal with that?

Or the difficulty to develop the proper Machine Learning architecture into your real-time multi-core hardware? Well, we can support you.

During the years, we have more and more specialized in Machine Learning, code development on super-computing platforms for AI, and Real Time Embedded Systems.

We have developed and integrated AI systems into Autonomous Vehicles, Human Machine Interfaces, and Human-robot interactive systems.

Our passion, expertise, and market awareness are in AITRONIK now.

The new era of Artificial Intelligence has begun.

Ready for your next AI-powered mechatronic system?  

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We founded PITOM in 2011, with the dream to “give Life to Robots” and support people in everyday life.

We started our adventure in Mobile Robotics in 2003 as academic researchers at the University of Pisa. We spent pleasant years there, and had the opportunity to be part of the birth of Self-Driving Cars, participating at the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge with the Ohio State University.

After PITOM foundation in 2011 we decided to build-up disruptive Autopilot and Ground Control Station frameworks that we called piCORE and piMEGS respectively, to serve as Brain and Intelligence for Ground, Aerial and Marine Unmanned Vehicles.

We started as an R&D company, and we’re still one, but with a much wider focus and growth opportunities. And as we’ve been able to specialize on different applications, frameworks have grown over time, and have been successfully customized on many kinds of unmanned vehicles, including autonomous cars, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, multi-rotors, boats, robotic lawn-mowers, and also in specific applications in the railway and motorsport fields.

We are a robotic intelligence company. A software&electronics company. A platform company. But mostly, a company full of passionate people who love the products they create.

By following the links on this page you will discover some challenges we faced. Every single activity pushed piCORE and piMEGS forward, as they are today. And for this, we want to thank all who contributed, and who will contribute, to grow the challenge.

Welcome into PITOM’s world. Welcome with ATR-Orbiter.

ATR Robotics - Italy

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